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Name: Admin
Tel: +86-535 6343789
E-mail: gm@prosourcingintl.com
Add: Laishan, 264003 Yantai, Shandong, China

About Us

YANTAI PRO SOURCING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CO., LTD. is located in the beautiful seaside city, Yantai city of Shandong province. It was founded in the year of 2013. The company is specialized in the equipment, gauges, meters and consumables for industrial check and inspection, as well as the materials for industrial furnaces and fired heaters.

The company, thanks to its abundant experience and professional understanding of materials, manufacturing, quality assurance & control, can provide equipment, instruments, gauges and meters, consumables for industrial test and destructive or non-destructive inspection including RT, DPT, MT, UT, etc., and full technical solution services like the selection of equipment, assembly, maintenance, overhauling, etc.

The Company, based on the decades of years experiences in the field, collects and optimizes good quality resources as foundries and factories, techniques and technicians, and provides products and full-scale services, such as engineering, the selection of different equipment and materials, sourcing, quality control, expediting, shipping, etc. for those customers and companies in oil & gas, petrochemical, steel, glass, industrial gas, marine, nuclear power plants, fertilizer, etc. The products cover tubes and pipes of different grades from low alloy to high alloy, carbon steel, heat resistant alloys, and special alloys like duplex, castings and forgings, fittings, connectors like flanges, elbows, tees, four-way, and welding material, pumps and valves, heat exchangers, finned tubes & pipes, casting machine like sand mixers, etc.

We are also capable to provide customized tailored service on various fields such as metals, machinery, tools and fittings, logistics, new retailing, new energy, etc.

YANTAI PRO SOURCING INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CO., LTD. strives to be your first choice partner on your road to success!